E mālama i ka ‘āina, a mālama ka ‘āina ia ‘oe

“Care for the land and the land will care for you”


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Manuka Trail

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Akaka Falls Loop Trail

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Kiholo Bay

Hawai’ian Vowels

     Hawai'i is the only state in the U.S. to have two official languages, Hawaiian and English.  Pidgin is a unofficial 3rd language made up from many local slang words pulled from all aspects of island life and culture.

     Below are some basics to make reading and pronouncing Hawai’ian words and trail names easier. The written Hawai’ian language is based on English letters however there are only eight consonants and five vowels.

Five Vowels:

a = “ah

e = “ay”

i = “ee”

o = “oh”

u = “oo”

Eight Consonants:

H = Same as English

K = Same as English

L = Same as English

M = Same as English

N = Same as English

P = Same as English

W = After i and e pronounced v

W = After u and o pronounced like w

W = At the start of a word or after a pronounced like w or v

‘ = ‘Okina – a glottal stop Two special characters are used to spell Hawai’ian words properly.

The okina(indicated as a single opening quotation mark, ‘). The okina indicates a stop similar to that heard in “uh-oh.”. The kahakōis a small dash (macron) above a vowel and indicates a long or double vowel sound.

Learn More on: http://www.instanthawaii.com/cgi-bin/hawaii?Language

Hawai'i Climate

     There are two seasons in Hawai'i (Summer and Winter).  The Summer months extend from May to October with day time temperature averages in the mid to low 80s °F at sea level and 70s °F in the evenings.  The Winter months are between November and April and as you would imagine they are a bit cooler by about 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

     The Hawai'ian Islands are blessed with the "Prevailing Trade Winds" also referred to as the "Trades."  These cool winds blow fairly consistent from the northeast throughout the year.  Though there are breaks in the Trade Winds and can vary in strength and direction shifting from the South "Kona Winds" and West.  Kona Winds are can generate either clear skies or clouds and rain.

Recommendations and Considerations

     Generally speaking, if you can walk you can probably Hike so come "Take a Hike Hawai'i."  Or at lease walk the easy flat low lying trails.  That said, "DO NOT" use this website with the expectation that it will transform you into a professional outdoors adventurer and explorer.  

     Everyone has their own capabilities, skills and limitations.  It is import to know your own-self and to always prepare. Physical fitness, may vary but common sense can go a long way when you also consider your experience level add some caution and come prepared.

     This website is designed to tell you where you can hike in Hawai'i, show you some amazing video and images taken on the trail, help you familiarize yourself with what you can expect and guide you how to get to the trail heads.